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Experience modern castings – find models, manage castings, and collaborate in a streamlined workflow.

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Discover models

Find models

Browse 10,000+ models from leading agencies worldwide. Receive proposals in one place.

Find models

Manage castings

Manage castings

Save 40%+ time with built-in workflow tools from your first briefing to booking talents.

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Impress your clients

Impress clients

Collect feedback with a branded client portal: share selections, and collaborate online.

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Discover agencies and models

Grow your network

City Models, Kult, and over 60 model agencies of all sizes are using QVSTA to make their talents accessible to you. Already know who you work with? Request talent from your agencies – even those outside of QVSTA – with one tool.

Next level model search

Use the most advanced model search to find models by look, base, budget and more.

Multi-agency proposals

Get model proposals from many agencies in one package. No more links or spreadsheet chaos.
grow your network

Explore over 10,000 models from leading agencies


in every casting step – for casting directors and global brands.

A casting management tool that works with all agencies and all models. Collaborate with your team, clients and agents on projects.

Collaborate stress-free

Comment, message, share everything.

Customize talents

Create books, add model details.

Hand off repetitive tasks

Automate easy tasks.
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QVSTA Reviews

“To have access to world wide talent could not be made smoother in regards to digital casting work.”

Annika Hatje, Executive Producer

“QVSTA is bringing innovative technology solutions to everyone in the industry – creating something that helps agents and casters alike.”

Laura Molderings, Director at VIA Model Management

Client portal

Increase customer satisfaction

QVSTA client portal is made for casting professionals to share pre-selections and options with their clients. Customize your client’s experience with your branding.

Present models beautifully

Impress your clients with interactive model profiles that also look great on mobile devices.

Maximize productivity

Let your clients comment, like and dislike models and store this information right where it belongs.

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Made for everyone

From small brands to big enterprises. Learn more about QVSTA:

Frequently asked questions

What is QVSTA exactly? A casting tool? A model directory? A job board?
QVSTA encompasses all of these, and more, with the whole being larger than the sum of its parts. QVSTA allows any caster to build their whole process using one tool.
Why is it free? How do you make money?
We want our basic functionality to be accessible to as many casting professionals as possible. We offer premium services for high demanding casters and take a small commission for bringing new business to model agencies.
I am happy working with my model agencies. Why should I use QVSTA?
QVSTA makes bookings easier for you and for agents while maintaining your personal relationship and contact with bookers. QVSTA allows you to grow your network by discovering more agencies and models while simplifying the bookings with agencies in your network.

Get started in seconds

It’s free – no strings attached.