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Patrycja Kaczmarek via United For Models, shot by Marlena Matuszak

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Model agencies collaborate on QVSTA for free. Additionally, QVSTA partnerships are offered to selected agencies to increase new business and exposure.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QVSTA exactly? A casting tool? A model directory? A job board?
QVSTA encompasses all of these, and more, with the whole being larger than the sum of its parts. QVSTA allows any caster to build their whole process using one tool.
Why is it free? How do you make money?
We want our basic functionality to be accessible to as many casting professionals as possible. We offer premium services for high demanding casters and take a small commission for bringing new business to model agencies.
I am happy working with my model agencies. Why should I use QVSTA?
QVSTA makes bookings easier for you and for agents while maintaining your personal relationship and contact with bookers. QVSTA allows you to grow your network by discovering more agencies and models while simplifying the bookings with agencies in your network.

QVSTA Partner Agencies

Leading agencies that make their talent accessible to the internet-connected generation of art buyers and casting directors.

Kult Models

Founded in 2001, as an agency specialising in male models, Kult quickly became one of the leading German model agencies.
Buba B. by Vida Models
Based on 140 casters, 60 model agencies and 8.000 models Market Report – eCommerce Model Booking in Germany

From the Magazine

New articles from the QVSTA magazine, written by our team or industry expert guest writers.

Link Models International

International agency with a diverse portfolio of women and men, including curve models.

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Discover hundreds of agencies curated in designated lists. Intuitively. Easy. Fully integrated with QVSTA.