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Working with Influencer Models

Models who maintain an active, interesting, and engaged Instagram feed are increasingly as popular with brands as they are with consumers. There are slight differences in what makes someone an influencer, a model, or an Influencer Model (someone who combines the looks and measurements of leading models with the content and aesthetic feed of influencers). QVSTA provides an in-depth guide to understanding why you should work with Influencer Models, what to pay attention to in your casting process, and how to coordinate your and the talents’ activities on Social Media to get the most out of your shoot.

Why work with Influencer Models

There are two major reasons why brands work with Influencers: Reach and Image. Influencers that have a large following to amplify a brands’ message to a new audience additionally the personality and image of the influencer are projected onto the brand through the collaboration. Alternatively, Models have traditionally been booked to project a brand’s image through their appearance and styling which is executed by the client. The model themselves emerge in an advertisement similar to how actors emerge from a script.

Nowadays, consumers react more positively to authentic and person-related images rather than projections. So brands discovered the power of Influencer Models. Talents that combine a significant reach, transport a contemporary image and have the look and appearance that gets great results and create the stars within the industry.

asos Studio is blazing paths through their talent bookings. They cast models with an Instagram following of between 10 – 100k (micro-Influencers) to consistently increase their reach and at the same time build a strong community on the platform. Furthermore, they utilize their “petit” collection to book Influencers that generally do not have the classic model measurements but are super engaged and contribute beyond the shoot to an asos campaign. After all, the best content is a result of excited Influencers that share their experience and are incentivized by a belief that the client they are working with is a good match for their community.

How to cast Influencer Models

A checklist on what you want to look for when casting Influencer Models:

  • Dig deep into the model’s image on Social Media. Who are their followers? Why do they follow this model? Are these people likely to follow the brand’s Instagram?
  • Engagement over followers: Accounts with 1,000 followers but 300 likes and 20 comments per post are much more valuable than a 10,000 follower account with the same engagement. Why? Because the more engaged people are the ones most likely to be interested in the brand. Use a User engagement rate calculator, like this one from Phlanx, to calculate an influencer Model’s engagement rate.
  • There are model agencies with a lot of Influencer Models in their portfolio (e.g. PARS Management, City Models). Identify them and do your casting with these agencies rather than spending hours browsing through Instagram.
  • Be careful that the talent did not buy followers and engagement. Browse thoroughly through the people who engage with their content and keep an eye on that engagement rate to spot fake followers.

Influencer Models on QVSTA

Here are some of our favourite models with a strong community and engagement rate. Discover more by using QVSTA’s Model Search.

Benjamin Bernadet

QVSTA Profile
Engagement Rate: 6.27%
City Models

Emilia Tarczyńska

QVSTA Profile
Engagement Rate: 28.3%
Wave Models

Adriana M.

QVSTA Profile
Engagement Rate: 4.57%
PARS Management

Martin Jentsch

QVSTA Profile
Engagement Rate: 19.98%
Indeed Models


Social Media Activity during the production

To authentically utilize the unqiue connection between a model and their community, best practices regarding posting during a shoot are typically to mix easy going backstage atmospheres with the professional end results. Match your brand’s postings to fit the talent’s posts. For example the below shoot from Adriana, when she posts a casual selfie during her job for Makiaj Beauty, the brand posts various different on set images on their account as well. This way a cross-account engagement is established, as followers visiting the brand via the model’s page can discover more media and information about the content from original post.

To sum up: Influencer Models are very popular with brands and used to generate a strong connection to a growing audience while maintaining brand-fit asthetics. 19.2% of all castings on QVSTA include Social Influence in their briefing – that’s almost 1 out of 5 jobs. Agencies are increasingly as well advanced too: Women Management recently announced a partnership with InfluencerDB to further improve their talents’ Instagram communities.

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