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Great Advertising

What is great advertising? Images and videos that lead to more sales?
We don’t think so.
Advertising is about telling the story of a product.
It makes the product even better – because we love this story so much.

To tell this story – every person involved in creating advertising needs to perform an outstanding job. Every detail matters.
We at QVSTA are dedicated to help these storytellers at every step of the creation process.

With three decades in the creative and fashion industry and nearly as many in technology enterprises and start-ups – we know how digital collaboration empowers people to make their best work.

Our First Steps

Today, we need to produce more content at consistent quality and our first step is to emphasize the importance of integrating model booking more effectively into the production planning process.

What is QVSTA today?

As we prepare to share QVSTA with the entire creators community in 2019, currently we are an invitation only platform for model agencies and brands. By building the fastest growing database of high quality and diverse models, and working with the most forward thinking brands, we facilitate connections between content creators and bookers – so that a product has the perfect face to communicate the story.