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What every eComm client looks for when choosing a model

We asked several of the bookers working with our partner clients on their criteria selecting models from agency proposals. There were many common patterns, especially for eComm jobs. We are happy to share what we learned and present are the top five criteria for model selection.

1) Experience (and previous clients)

Who did the model work for? Have they done any covers – that’s a major plus. If you are working on the perfect composition of a model book, make sure to place a cover or catalog shooting in the first 10 images.

2) Natural images

Clients generally prefer natural images without strong post-editing and color correction. If the model portfolio is consistently contrast heavy, clients tend to mistrust the quality of the model’s skin. Make sure to always have some natural images that clearly show a natural and soft skin on to compliment the digitals.

3) Authenticity

It’s a buzzword but it as relevant as ever. Almost every client mentioned Instagram to be more important than the book in their selection process.

“For me, a lot of it is about authenticity to what you’re shooting, you know. That’s why it’s so important when you do eCommerce or when you sell clothes online to segment where you are selling” – Fernando Torres

4) Ability to shoot diverse

Since every shoot is unique, clients generally prefer models with a more diverse set of looks as it gives them confidence that the model can adapt to various scenarios and roles. This does not necessarily mean mixing fashion and commercial books but rather demonstrate that the model can pose differently and convey the creative language and unique messaging of the brand they are working with.

5) Quality of digitals

Up-to-date digitals, high-res, and properly lit digitals are absolutely essential – especially for eComm where the measurements are key. Clients skip past models with casual fitting clothing, make-up or distracting backgrounds in their digitals.

Knowing these criteria can be helpful in curating the web presence of a model – including Instagram, the book on the agency page, and their QVSTA model profile. On QVSTA we built our profiles with these learnings in mind by putting Instagram and digitals on the very top and making it extremely easy to rearrange books with drag and drop. There’s even a previous client field to give clients the opportunity to discover models by the brands they have worked with in the past.