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URBN Models: Spotlight Interview with Georg Kronbichler, URBN Munich

URBN Models was founded in 2003 in Milan and is an international agency with lots of experience in developing models from new-faces to mature models. Their passionate team has a great instinct for cool people and the potential they hold.

Today URBN manages more than 800 models. They are very much welcoming unique looks and go definitely beyond the classic looks.

URBN joined QVSTA in 2019 after they set up a new office in Munich to enter the German market.

We talked to Georg, who is women head booker at URBN Models in Munich. We asked him, what makes URBN so unique to him and what his experience working with QVSTA was so far.

QVSTA: Georg, we first met a few months back in Munich and I was fascinated by your entrepreneurial spirit. Can you tell me a little bit about your person and how you came to become an agent?

The modeling industry has always been very fascinating to me since I was a little boy. That’s why I focused on my career in this industry already after finishing school. I moved from my homeland Austria to Munich at the age of 22 where I had the opportunity to make my first steps as a model booker at one of the most renowned modeling agencies there. It has been over 10 years now and that’s the story of how my career started. Very unspectacular *laugh*.

Alyona via URBN Models.

What do you like most about working at URBN?

Most of all, I like the family atmosphere in the team, which makes working at URBN so enjoyable and unique. Our boss meets us on an equal footing and gives us strong back support even in stressful situations. That’s what I call teamwork and cohesion.

What do you think makes URBN unique and different from other model agencies you know?

At URBN Models, we are not only representing the classic models as everyone knows them, we also represent the genderless and androgynous style as well as curvy models and those with special characteristics.

Through our large agency network and close cooperation with our head office in Milano, we have access to a wide range of models that we can offer our clients.

Is this also where the name URBN comes from because you represent more urban looks and people that represent urban population better than agencies representing models with more mainstream looks?

It is exactly like that I could not have said it better!

What’s your no. 1 promise to customers who want to book models with URBN?

100% passion & heart blood

What changes did you see in the industry in the past years? How do you see the model agency of tomorrow?

A lot has happened in our industry in the past years. I could talk about it for hours, but most of all, you can see that Instagram and social media, in general, is playing a very significant role in our business these days and influencers are playing an increasingly important role.

And you can clearly see, that models with special features (e.g. freckles, tooth gap, protruding ears, short-haired women, non-binary models, …) are in demand more than ever.

Zoe Saibou via URBN Models.

What was the most exciting campaign you booked for your models?

I have already confirmed some great campaigns in my career, so it’s hard to say which one was the most exciting for me, but what I enjoy the most are the final results of those shootings and that the models are satisfied at the end of the day. Of course, the fee for the models is an important part too and in the end, as a model booker, I am representing the models’ interests in that regard.

What do you like most about QVSTA?

QVSTA is a new way to bring together clients and model agencies in a fair and easy-to-use way. Through QVSTA we get great requests from exciting clients where we are allowed to offer our models.

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