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This new mother agency is about to rock the Berlin look

Photo: Sonja, Dominik, Theo and Coco by Jan Feldmann

Meet Caliber Collective founder and MD Alesia Ehrhardt: Caliber Collective is a brand new scouting and mother agency with a focus on scouting the streets’ most striking faces. Agencies who are on the lookout for captivating model styles should certainly get in touch. We interviewed Alesia about her new agency and what makes it so unique.

Alesia, what is Caliber Collective?

Caliber Collective is a scouting and model management collective – with its home office in Berlin.

How did the journey of CC start? What motivated you?

Caliber Collective began many years ago, long before any incorporation or website. This journey probably began in 2011 when I started to work for Mega Model Agency in Hamburg. Then through invaluable experiences in Berlin and Paris which followed. Among others, I was fortunate enough to work at the casting agency Creartvt in Paris, where I worked aside Oliver Ress, one of the best casting directors in the business. Since then I have not solely worked in the fashion business, as I took on a range of other opportunities which came my way – yet the scouting mindset and work did not let me go. Other work has included time as a venture developer, and other roles with early-stage startups and VCs.
Finally, I decided to get started with my own company and combine business with something I love doing. So, a baby was born – Caliber Collective.

Alesia Ehrhardt by Jan Feldmann

What’s your biggest success so far?

For all starting entrepreneurs, the biggest success lies ahead of them. For now, my biggest success is comprised of a collection of smaller achievements, like creating an amazing team and curating a patient-yet-ambitious board of fresh faces, ready to have input within CC and help us grow.

Tell us about your scouting approach – what’s your focus?

There is not much originality in our scouting approach; other than professionality and a trained eye. We look for a mix of sought-after dimensions and a contemporary look – I personally love beauty at second glance. That is, when a new face is actually not fully aware of their undeniable presence and spark.

We believe that the beauty of a personality is best felt when you encounter them in person. Therefore, our clear focus is on street scouting. You may see proportions, gestures, movements that carry us, immediately.
And of course, there is no getting around the internet these days. We have some interesting projects we are working on to take full advantage of online tools, to scout and to approach high potential and interesting faces. For the time being, new faces are welcome to apply on our website and through our social media channels.

Maximilian Werner by Yohan Liliyani for Don Arentino, styled by @donryel & @ramadicandra
Set Design by @ramadicandra

What did you do before starting your agency?

Lots of time studying and immersing myself around exciting projects and people. While also fun, these times are invaluable for where I am now and for my ambitious plans which lie ahead.

You call your agency Caliber Collective – what’s the philosophy behind the name?

The words ‘Caliber’ and ‘Collective’ are a union of two elements. We are building a cooperative group ‘collective’ of individuals whom we believe are of a high degree of excellence ‘caliber’. A collective shares its success.

Tell us about your talents: any story you want to share? Success, setbacks, fun moments?

Honestly, this is a very difficult question because there are many inspiring elements that can be said about each and every one of our talents. At their young age, they are very conscious, gifted and visionary. One of our models, for example, started an upcycling organization with their friends which grows successfully, besides his regular schooling. Then we have a professional dancer, her dancing will take your breath away. Also, one of our models just recorded their own music album. Combined with all their genuine personalities – it is pure pleasure to work with and be inspired by them. I could continue like this forever.

Harry Braun (@Harry_braun_) represented by Brave Models & Izaio Model Management at Milan Fashion Week for JieDa.

What was the most unusual way to discover a model so far?

Actually, on holiday with my mum. On the beach along the Italian coast.
After approaching, we all went together and had lunch – mums included.

How do you see the development of CC?

We are taking a lot from the tech & startup industry – by applying, lean and adaptive development to how we build CC. We want our models to be involved as much as possible in our direction, and we want to be continually pushing the industry in a direction that is model-centric and focused. All the other good things follow – if we can get this right. We are continually learning from our and the industry’s mistakes – to be the best we can.

By taking such a lean approach we can be ready at all times to adapt to industry trends and technology changes – for our model’s advantage.

Kobby (left), Thessa (right) by Luise Reichert

How do you distinguish yourself from the competitors?

Our approach means that we have drawn a firm line in the sand; we are running a no-bullshit approach to who we work with and how we do business. We care more for our models and their careers than the clothes they are going to be placed in. We care for their careers, hopes and plans – we want to help them get to where they want to go.

We want to attract the best – purely because we care.
Transparency and all the other industry buzzwords fit within this.

After exploring our platform, what do you think model agents would like most about QVSTA?

We see QVSTA as a powerful tool to simplify the work of agents, especially for information management; between multiple clients, and managing lists of requests. We love the modern approach that QVSTA is taking to the industry, which is lacking in serious technological innovation and adoption. The platform is easy to use, responsive with changes in model books made quickly, displaying information on the models instantly and reducing the chaos of emails that parties would normally face. Love it! We look forward to seeing the further development of the platform.