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QVSTA Update: The Big Package

Today, QVSTA is launching a break-through feature in model booking: the big package

The big package displays all the model proposals for a job from all the agencies you’ve sent your briefing to. One tool for the best model comparison and a single place to revisit all past proposals. Available anywhere on any device. This is the first step to the completely re-imagined talent booking process on QVSTA.

With QVSTA clients can:

  • Compose beautiful model briefings
  • Send briefings to any of our 400+ agencies AND any custom recipient
  • Review proposed models on QVSTA in a single big package
  • Receive notifications when agencies submit models
  • Explore model profiles on QVSTA including their book, measurements, and agency representation

With QVSTA agencies can:

  • Create and update model profiles
  • Manage models in their headsheet
  • Easily submit models as proposals to clients’ briefings
  • View open, completed and past jobs in a searchable and structured overview

Model proposals
The big package in action: All proposals from all agencies

A model profile for Adam. Access the most important information on QVSTA: measurments, books and agency representation.