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QVSTA Update: Auto agency suggestions, advanced dashboard views and more

We shipped a new version of QVSTA (v.0.8.0) today making QVSTA better than ever. The update includes the following new features:

  • Request Models right from their profile
  • Easily switch in your dashboard between viewing all your team’s castings or only yours
  • View your directly requested models next to agency proposals in your casting
  • A clearer dashboard with more info about direct requests and requests for similar models
  • Pay rates can now be ranges
  • Automatically show agencies of selected models when you are requesting similar model proposals

Request models from their profile

You now see a ‘Request booking’ button in the model’s profile which will automatically create a new casting with this model. You then add your casting details like location, pay rate and buy-outs to send a direct request to the model’s agency.

Switch between dashboard views

In your casting dashboard you now see a switch on the upper right side that let’s you switch who’s casting you see. By default you see your castings and castings from other team members. So keep your dashboard clean, you can switch to only castings you created.

Direct request next to agency proposals

With our 2-in-1 casting process you can request models directly and ask for similar model propsals easily in one step. Now you see the different types of models in your casting view.

Pay rates as range

Switch between exact rates or define a range to get proposlas for multiple pay rates (the agency can define where in the range each model is offered)

Auto Agency suggestions based on models

When you select models in your casting and ask for further proposals, the agencies of the selected models are now prefilled automatically. This way you can easily discover more models from agencies you like.