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"For something to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be pretty."– Rei Kawakubo

Why Hyun Min Han reflects the future of Korean fashion

Over the past few years Seoul has become a melting pot of many nationalities that contribute to the city’s vibrance. The eclectic character of the South Korea’s fashion capital becomes evident as one wonders through the bustling streets.

QVSTA Selects

QVSTA introduces QVSTA Selects – a curated list of new model picks from QVSTA model agencies, put together every month. This month’s QVSTA Selects focuses on new models that are discoverable in the moods suggestion.

Forging A Different Path

Pushing the boundaries of creative work beyond the mainstream trends. In every corner of the creative world, mainstream waves are stronger than ever. The influence of Instagram to establish trends in fashion, lifestyle, and design is ever present.

fashion model shooting


Lovis Vida Models


Bori via LST Models

fashion model shooting

Mame Anta

  Mame Anta Photo Marcus Schaefer  


Kazuki via LST Models Photo: Anne Yano Renault

Tiffany Winteler

  Tiffany Winteler Vida Models Photo Malte Hellfritz  

fashion model shooting

Charli Fletcher

  Charli Fletcher Photo Federico Borghesi