Submit models to a job - QVSTA

Submit models to a job

If the client sends a briefing, you can submit model proposals to that job.
For more information on the difference between direct requests and briefing, requests read the article Receive booking requests.

After you clicked on the “View briefing and submit models” button in the briefing email, you’ll see all the relevant information on QVSTA.

We provide two ways to submit models to the client’s job:

Submit models from your models on QVSTA

Submit models in QVSTA directly with the models, that you have created. The advantage of this method is, that you can use the complete QVSTA profiles with all the information in the profiles, which clients like a lot and we can see higher conversion rates.

> Click on “Add Models” and choose “Add from my models”
Hover over a model to see the “Add to casting” action, which will add the model to the client’s job automatically. After you are done, click on the “Back to Casting” button. You will now see your package which is accessible to the client. Here you can also set options for each model: “Available” (= 1. option), “On hold” (= 2. option and below), “Unavailable” (= no option).

> Automatic notification
After you added the models to the casting, you do not need to do anything further. The client will automatically be informed about your submission and can access your models.

> Make changes any time
If you want to adjust the model package, feel free to do so. Please be aware that removing models is possible, but might be a bad experience for the client.

Submit models via package link

If you are using a system to create model packages (i.e. mediaslide, Netwalk, CDS, …) you can simply build your package in your system and use the package link to submit your models. The system will automatically create model profiles out of the package and submit them to the job. The advantage is, that this method is super fast but the profiles are not very complete. Only Name, one image and the link to the model book on your website.

> Paste package link
Instead of sending the link via email, paste the link in the text field prompted after you clicked on “Import from package link”.

> Review your package
After the loading is done, you’ll see your models and can do a final check before submitting them.

> (Optionally) Choose existing models
If QVSTA detects similar models that you created, it will suggest you to merge the models instead of creating duplicates. By default, it will choose the existing model if one was found. Leave that option in most cases. If there are multiple models with a similar name, you need to choose which model to use. Do NOT create a new model, if the same model is suggested to you. This will only result in duplicates.

> Submit your package
Click on “Submit models” on the bottom of the window to finish your submission.

What information is QVSTA detecting?
We detect the name and profile image and link the client to your model’s page from the package. To increase your chances of booking, complete the profile on QVSTA after you submitted the model.

What happens with my models now?
The models that are submitted will only be visible to the client. They will be private models, so only you and the client you submit them to can view them. If you are a QVSTA partner agency, you can change the status to public so that the models are also visible in the model search. By default all models submitted with a package link are private.