Set up your agency page - QVSTA

Set up your agency page

On QVSTA, your agency has a dedicated page with all talents and information.
To access it, click on your name in the main navigation and then on the company name.

If you can’t find this option, you might need to log out and log in to QVSTA again.

Edit page

> Customize appearance
Upload a cover image and your company logo, to give the page a custom look that fits your brand.

> Edit information
Click on the “Edit” button to open a form with all relevant information about your agency. Here you can also set the website URL on QVSTA. You can control, under which public URL your page should be listed.

> Add locations
If your agency has multiple locations, you can add them in the “About” tab and then click on “Add location”.

> Models
Your public models will appear in your page automatically. To add new models, go to the “Models” page and create or import your models there. Keep in mind, that private models are not shown on the agency page since this is a public page visible to everyone.

> Agents
The agents in your company are also added automatically to your agency page. To invite agents, go to “Profile & Settings” and click on “Team”. Each new team member will be listed in the agents tab on your agency page.