Set up your account - QVSTA

Set up your account

QVSTA allows you to customize your account based on your needs. This article will show you all the possible settings in your account and provide a short guide to getting started:

> Log in to your account.
If you don’t remember your password, you can reset your password by clicking on “forgot password”

> Click on “Account” on the upper right

Personal information

We recommend to start setting up your account and the company account and then invite further team members to your account. First of all upload a profile image, so that customers can see your smile when they reach out to you.

> Click on General

> Click on Upload Profile Image

> Add your information
Name, email address and phone number as well as position (which will be shown when messaging with other users on QVSTA)

Company information

If you are an admin user in your company account, you can see a “Company” tab in your account settings.

> Click on Company

> Fill in your company information
Name and company logo is important to present your company to the agents, i.e. when sending requests. The logo will also be used as a custom branding when you share castings or lists (if you are a Pro or Enterprise user).
VAT and address is important for billing and required to fill out before you finish a booking. The phone number will be visible to requested agencies for emergencies.