Set up profiles on Who Can Shoot - QVSTA

Set up profiles on Who Can Shoot

Who Can Shoot is a COVID-19 initiative by QVSTA to shoot at home. Brands can browse not only talents but also their homes and studios so they can plan shootings remotely. Who Can Shoot is connected to QVSTA so you can use your existing account at QVSTA to list models on Who Can Shoot.

Here’s how it works:

1. Upload location images
In your model profiles, you find a new image category called “Location”. Upload images from the models’ apartments and homes here.

2. Specify camera type
When editing a model, you find a new option to choose if the model shoots via phone or if they have access to professional camera equipment.

That’s all. As soon as you upload one image to the location category, the model is listed on Who Can Shoot. If you want to remove the model from Who Can Shoot, simply delete all location images.