Send a direct booking request - QVSTA

Send a direct booking request

On QVSTA, you can send a direct booking request for specific models that you select. This request will automatically be sent to the corresponding agent.

> Create a new casting
Go to “Castings” in the main navigation and click on “New Casting”. Give your casting a title and select “Direct Booking”. Click continue.

> Specify all the information about your casting
Add a description, date, location, and budget of the job and optionally upload an attachment (e.g. buyouts or moods).

> Select models
Add models to this casting by using the search or the list (you’ll find the options on the right sidebar).
If a model is represented by two or more agencies, you will be asked to choose at which agency you want to request the model.

To add the model you can either click on “Add to casting” in the search or you click on the model image to view the model profile. Inside the profile you can click “Add to casting”.
Add as many models as you wish and go back to the casting with the upper right notification or with the bottom bar in the search.

> Submit the request
Click on “Submit” (bottom bar inside the casting) to send out the direct request. This will send automated emails to the agents representing the models with all the information you entered. Or click “Save & Exit” to finish this casting later.

Congrats! You have requested the selected models. Now it’s time to view the availabilities (read Receive availability of models) and finish your booking (read Finish a booking)