Send a briefing to agencies - QVSTA

Send a briefing to agencies

You can ask agencies to submit models to a casting by sending them a briefing.

> Create a briefing
Click on “Add models” within a casting and click on “Send briefing”.

> Select recipients
Who are you sending this briefing to? You can select QVSTA partner agencies or create your own contacts and send the briefing to the agents you regularly work with.

> Describe Models
Let the agents know what you are looking for in a model. What style, measurements and more.

> Specify casting details
Add a description, date, location, and budget of the job and optionally upload an attachment (e.g. buyouts or moods).
You can use the same details from your casting or change them to be different for this briefing.

> Send the briefing
Click on the “Send” button on the top. You can also finish the briefing at a later point.

Congrats! You have requested model proposals. Here’s a sample email of how agencies receive such a request:

If the agent clicks on the “View Briefing & Submit Models” button, they get to a QVSTA page with your full briefing and two options on how to easily submit their package to your QVSTA casting.

If you want to know more on how agencies are submitting their package to your casting, read this guide for agencies on How to submit models to a QVSTA casting.

> Let agencies submit models
QVSTA made it super easy for agencies to submit models. Agents can simply paste their package links from mediaslide, netwalk and similar to QVSTA. QVSTA automatically detects the models and submits them through QVSTA.

Agents don’t even need an account for that, so you can work with all your agents – no matter if they are familiar with QVSTA or not.

Select the right model

Now that you have a beautiful casting board with all models on one page, it’s time to continue with the selection of the best models.

> Narrow down selection
Remove models from the casting or mark the best models as a favorite to stay organized.

> Comment on models
You can add comments to the models, which are specific to this casting. You can for example comment on the style of a certain model. Comments are visible to your team and to clients if you share your board.

> Share your casting board
If you’re casting for a client, you can share your model selection with them in a few simple steps. Click on “Share” within your casting page. Specify sharing options on what you want the client to see (e.g. rates, availability, …) and copy the created link.
Share this link with your client – they are not required to have a QVSTA account to open it. If you are a Pro or Enterprise user, your company logo will be shown in the page header of this shared link.

> Collect feedback
Let the client give feedback with only one click: Clients can approve or disapprove models directly through the page you shared. You will receive a notification when they do and view the feedback right inside your casting board.

Now, you can request the availability of some of the proposed models and finish the booking. For more on this check out the article about finishing a booking.