Receive booking requests - QVSTA

Receive booking requests

On QVSTA, clients can start a direct booking request for one of your models or send a briefing to agencies and ask for proposals.

Direct bookings

A direct booking request can be initiated by the client when they access a public model profile. For example through the QVSTA model search or by using custom lists they created.

> Receive direct request email
When a client requests one of your models, you’ll get an email with all the relevant information

> Mark availability of model
You can mark the model available (= 1. option), on hold or unavailable either through the email you received or through the job page on QVSTA.

> Contact client
For questions regarding the booking, you can click on “Contact client” within the job to send a message to the client. Do NOT send packages or proposals to the client if they initiated a direct request. Clients talk badly about agencies trying to sell more models than the client originally requested. We will also collect that feedback and block your account if this happens multiple times.

> Booking confirmation
Only if your model is marked as available (= 1. option), the client can finish the booking on this model. So make sure to always have the availability up to date. Once the client confirms an available model, you will get a booking confirmation email with the clients billing address. Do NOT negotiate rates after this. QVSTA requests always come with a rate, travel fee information and buyouts. If you marked a model available, you agreed to these terms.

> Send invoice to client
Send your invoice with the stated amount to the client and optionally send your own booking confirmation as well.

> QVSTA commission
For direct bookings, we charge a 10% fee to maintain the platform and to provide you with more clients. This will be charged at the end of the month.


When the client chooses to send a briefing to you, you can submit model proposals through QVSTA.

> Selecting your agency or agent
The client needs to either select your agency or add your agent’s email address to the recipients of this briefing.
As a QVSTA partner agency, you can also receive partner requests if the client selects the “Request QVSTA partner network” checkbox. For more on this read here.

> Receive briefing email
After the client sends their briefing, you are receiving a briefing email. In the email, you see the most relevant information. To view the full briefing and to submit models click on the blue button at the bottom of the email.

> Decline a job
In the email, you also find the option to decline the job, if you do not plan to submit any models. Please do so – it’s one click only and helps the client significantly.

> Submit models
On the detailed briefing page, you can access all information and submit your models. For more on this, read the detailed guide How to submit models to a briefing