Request and receive availabilities of models - QVSTA

Request and receive availabilities of models

Once you requested models directly – or received proposals through a briefing request – you can view the model’s availability.
In case of a direct request, agents are asked to provide you with options/availabilities right away.
In case of a briefing request, you can request the availability of individual models with one click in your casting overview.

> Receive feedback

QVSTA Partner agencies will mark the availability of the model online. Models can be available (= 1. option), on hold (= 2. option or less), unavailable.
After an agency makes changes to the model’s availability, you will be notified via email and you can see the availability in your casting page.

The notification e-mail that there are status changes:

Non-partner agencies will reply to you via email and tell you the model’s options. You can change the availabilities of models by yourself. Click on the menu icon next to the Request availability button and select Change availability.

View availabilities directly in your casting:

> (Optionally) contact agent
Get in touch with the agent if you have questions regarding a model. Click on the model profile and then on “contact agent” to open a new conversation.