Netwalk integration - QVSTA

Netwalk integration

QVSTA integrates perfectly with Netwalk, the leading agency management software. If you are using Netwalk or if you plan to start using Netwalk, the following article will guide you on how to set up the connector between QVSTA and Netwalk.

How the Netwalk integration works

> Publish models
On Netwalk, you’ll find dedicated buttons to publish and unpublish models to QVSTA. The model will directly be added to your models on QVSTA. They can be discovered on the platform and you can add them to jobs in QVSTA.

> Set criteria
When publishing models, by default your images and data from Netwalk will be copied but you can also add QVSTA custom details right within Netwalk.

> View model on QVSTA
Netwalk also offers a direct link to the model profile on QVSTA.

How to set up the connection

> Find your API token
To connect your Netwalk account with your QVSTA account, you need a so-called API token from QVSTA. This token can be found in the Profile & Settings section in QVSTA. Simply scroll to the bottom of the account page to find the token.

It looks like this one:

> Send API token to Netwalk
Get in touch with your contact person at Netwalk and send them your API token. They can add it to your Netwalk software so that the two systems are connected.

> Privacy & GDPR compliance
The QVSTA connector works only one way. All your data in Netwalk is protected and can’t be accessed by QVSTA. Only if you publish a model through QVSTA, data will be transferred one way to QVSTA. The connector is fully GDPR-compliant as both systems are based in the European Union and follow the data security standards. Also, QVSTA will be listed in your DPA with Netwalk so you can review what data is accessed.

> Helpful Links
Netwalk Website
Netwalk help page about the QVSTA integration

About Netwalk

Netwalk is a web-based management application that modeling agencies around the world use to keep track of all aspects of their models’ busy schedules.

Netwalk fully satisfies all the specific needs of a model agency, from booking and scouting to accounting and management, by wiring together all the information and allowing users to better organize their job. Nothing is lost or too difficult to find.

Its multi-agency architecture has been designed to satisfy the needs of large networks of model agencies and its features have been developed by analyzing the days by day tasks of the most important companies in the market.

Netwalk is developed by Gap multimedia, a boutique software development company based in Milano. Founded in 1996, It started its activities developing web applications and knowledge management tools. Ever since then they have worked closely their our growing base of clients in order to take the client’s specifications and transform them into a customized piece of software.