Multiple agency representation - QVSTA

Multiple agency representation

On QVSTA, every model exists once. If a model is represented by multiple agencies, they will all be listed in the model profile (like on

Booking requests

QVSTA takes a fair approach on how to distribute bookings and requests between the agencies representing the model.

> Request booking
The client needs to choose one agency (typically the one they already know). Requesting a model at multiple agencies is not possible. A huge improvement compared to booking without QVSTA, where the client easily emails multiple agencies.

> Contact agents
If the client wants to contact the agent of a model with multiple agencies, they can again choose which agency to message.

Managing shared models

> You own your book
Every agency that represents a shared model, has a completely separate book. Meaning full control over the profile image, digitals and work images. If you propose this model to a client, your book will be visible to them by default. If a client publically (i.e. through the QVSTA search) access your model, they will see a combined book, that is combining your book and the other agency’s book. More recently uploaded images are shown first to always show the most up-to-date profile to the client.

> Measurements are handled by the mother agency
You can make changes to all the other information regarding that model. If the model has a mother agency that’s on QVSTA, they will be responsible for keeping measurements up to date.

> Deleting shared models
If you are no longer representing a model that is shared with other agencies, you can simply use the “Delete” action in the profile. This will not delete the profile for the other agencies but instead, only remove your representation and delete the images you added to the profile.