Manage castings - QVSTA

Manage castings

When using QVSTA more frequently, you’ll have quite some castings in your account. Keeping things organized is important but also simple.

> Archive old castings
Castings you no longer need can be archived. Just hover over the casting in your overview and click “Archive”.

> Understanding casting statuses
A casting goes through the following statuses:

Ongoing: The casting is in progress.
Completed: You have booked a model and completed the casting (other models are released)
Archived: You archived the casting (essentially hiding it from the main page)

> Duplicate a casting
If you want to re-use an existing casting’s information, simply choose “Duplicate” from the actions on the right. This will create a new casting with all the information copied. You can choose if you want to copy models as well or only the casting details.

> Calendar view
Switch between the list and calendar view (top right) to stay organized even more. The calendar view provides you with information on what castings are upcoming.

> Filter castings
Use the provided filter, to restrict the castings you see. Choose to view all castings or only the ones you created. Or filter jobs by status.