Invite team members - QVSTA

Invite team members

QVSTA is collaborative in every aspect. So you need to invite your team members to your company account. This article covers all you need to know about managing members.
You should invite as many agents in your agency as possible. Only agents that have an account can be set as the preferred agent for specific models or for the male or female division. Also, customers can reach out to your agents via chat – but also only agents with a QVSTA account can receive chat messages from customers.

Invite team members

> Click on “Account” in the main navigation

> Navigate to “Team”

> Send invites
Just enter your colleague’s e-mail addresses and click on “Send Invitation”. An email will be sent with instructions on how to sign up for QVSTA and automatically joins that person to your company account.

Manage permissions

In your “Team” settings you will also see pending invites which you can revoke. Once a user accepts the invite, they will be shown under “Team Members”.

> Make users admin
Next to the user, you’ll find a button “Make admin” to give that person admin privileges. Admins can make changes to the company data and invite/remove other team members.

> Delete users
As an admin, you can also remove users from your team. The user will lose access to your company account. This action can not be undone so double check when removing users.

Default agents

You can specify a default agent for male and female models, when clients click the “contact agent” button in a model profile. The specified agent will receive the message in such a case.