Invite models to in-person casting, go see or fitting - QVSTA

Invite models to in-person casting, go see or fitting

With QVSTA, it’s easy to invite models to in-person events like castings, fittings or go-sees.
Go inside your QVSTA casting and choose a model you want to invite.

> Send invitation
1. Use the little arrow next to the black button under the selected model to choose more options. Select “invite to…” and then the event you want the model to invite to.

2. Select the date of the event. If you host a casting, go-see or fitting on multiple days, you can select a range and let the agency choose which of the days the model can come.

3. Write a message. You can modify the automatically generated invitation message with more information.

4. Click Send. This will notify the agency which can confirm or decline the invitation. You’ll be notified again once the agency gives feedback. Also, the status of the invited model inside your QVSTA casting will change to “Invited to casting”/”Invited to go see”/”Invited to fitting” and after confirmed or declined by the agency, this status changes accordingly.

> How this invitation email looks like