Finish a booking - QVSTA

Finish a booking

After you requested models (either directly or through a briefing), you now want to finish the booking of one or multiple models.

> Availability must be “available”
Only available models (= 1. option) can be used to finish the booking. If you agreed to the first option with an agent, tell them to mark the model available on QVSTA – if they didn’t do that already.

> Finish booking
Click on “finish booking” to view an overview of the model, the dates and rates which you will be booking. Continue to send out the booking confirmation to the model’s agent. You need a complete company address and VAT number in your account to be able to finish the booking. This information will be visible to the agent once you complete the booking.

> Non-binding booking confirmation
After that, the model will be marked as booked and both you and the agent have received a non-binding booking confirmation. The agency will now send you their own confirmation and an invoice with the agreed-upon rate.