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Discover models

To discover new models, you can ask agencies for proposals through QVSTA or directly search for models through the QVSTA model search.

> Search for models
Click on “Find models” in the top navigation to access the search. Here you can filter by numerous criteria.

Aside from the obvious filter criteria like location or appearance. Here are some tips on the more advanced filter options:

You can filter by looks like “unique” or “relatable”. These looks are provided by the agency and additionally, quality checked by QVSTA. They provide a much more organic way to search for certain model types.

Filter by agency
Open the “More filter” dropdown to see advanced options. Choose specific agencies to show only their models.

New faces, main or mature
Also in the “More filter” dropdown, you’ll find options regarding the experience/age of the model. Switch between new faces, main boards and mature models.