Customize models - QVSTA

Customize models

On QVSTA you can customize models as a client to view more relevant images or data to each of your models.

> Add a note
For each profile, you can add a note. Inside the model profile, click on the “Add a note…” and start typing (it saves automatically).
This note is visible to the entire team and is stored throughout lists, castings, etc.

> Your private model profile
You can edit any existing model profile on QVSTA with your own information. Add measurements, appearance styles, previous clients, Instagram names and more to any profile. Simply click on Edit in the top right corner of the model profile. Fill out your information and click Save. A private profile only visible to your team is created and will be displayed whenever you open this model. You can switch back to the public model profile at any time.

> Add a custom book
As a Pro or Enterprise customer, you can create custom model books. This is super helpful, if you have your own images for a model (e.g. after an in-person casting) or if you cast for clients and want to rearrange images or add your own ones.
To add a custom book:

1. Click on the “books” tab in a model’s profile
2. Click on add new
3. Name this book

4. Add images (choose existing ones provided by the agency or upload your own)

5. Rearrange images: simply drag & drop the images in a custom order

> Make a custom book default for the future
After you created a custom book, you are asked if you want to make this book the default. As a default book, this book will be shown whenever you access the profile in the future.
You can also make it default only for the current casting or list, from which you accessed the model. In that case, the default book is only used for this specific list or casting. This is very helpful if you cast for clients and whish to create different books for each client.