Create and edit a model - QVSTA

Create and edit a model

On QVSTA you can create model profiles for all your models and promote them on the platform. If you want to upload all models in one batch, reach out to to ask for a batch-upload. If it is only a small number of models, you can easily create or edit them by yourself like this.

Create a model

> Click on “Models” on the upper right.
Here you can see all your models.

> Click on “New Model” to create a new model profile

> Enter all the information required (Name, Link to Book, Gender, Motheragency)

> (Optionally) select existing model
After you entered the model’s name, QVSTA will look for existing models with the same name in our database. If there are any, you’ll see a list of models. Please select the model that you wanted to create. Do NOT create a new model as we will merge duplicates from time to time and your data might get lost. Only create a new model, if your model is not found in the list. For more on this, read multiple agency representation.

Now you have created a basic model profile, but you should continue adding images and information. For the images, you can upload digitals and portfolio images individually or up to 90 images at the same time. drag and drop the images on the grey area that says “Add Images”.

Upload images & videos

> Upload a profile image
Click on the placeholder image and select your file or drag and drop it on the placeholder. You can then crop the image to match QVSTA’s image ratio for profile images (4:3)

> Upload digitals
Click on “Add images & videos” and then drag and drop files to the boxed area (multiple files possible). Images and videos will both work in the same grid.

> Upload portfolio images
Click on “Add images & videos” and then drag and drop files to the boxed area (multiple files possible). You can also add videos from YouTube. Simply paste YouTube links in the text area to add them to the model profile.

> (Optionally) Specify image category
After you uploaded images, a box is prompted to add the image category (e.g. advertising, editorial, …). Fill this out to make your book filterable. This is super helpful and brings your book to the next level. You can later make changes by clicking on “Edit” on the top right corner of each image.

Now you can also rearrange images with drag and drop to build a perfect book.

Edit a model

Now continue adding information about the model
> Click on “Edit” (next to the name) and enter further information such as Instagram, measurements, sizes, hair color etc.

> Click on “Save” on the bottom of your screen

Some hints about the information to provide:

Based on your selection the model can be found in the model search. You can select up to 2 look tags

Private Profile:
If you mark the model private, it will not be displayed publicly on the platform. You can still use private profiles to propose this model for a briefing request

Add a short Bio, this will help the client to get a feeling about the career of the model

Previous clients:
Many clients search for this. So adding references to a model profile will help your models to get found more frequently

Base and On Stay:
You should maintain this information since clients often look for models that are in town and again your models get found more often, but also you can avoid inappropriate requests for this model (e.g. model with base in USA requested for a eCommerce job in Germany).

Minimum Base Rate:
By adding this base rate (will not be publicly displayed) you can avoid inappropriate requests. Simply add the rate under which the model would not accept any job requests (excluding buyouts).