Create a contact - QVSTA

Create a contact

On QVSTA you can perform a variety of actions that notify an agency or a specific agent. For example releasing options, sending briefings and much more.
In order for these notifications to arrive at the right person (the agent you usually work within an agency), you can create contacts on QVSTA.

1. Click New Contact
Go to the Contacts page through the main navigation and click on the button New Contact.

2. Enter contact details
Put in all the relevant information of this contact.

> Private Note
You can add a private note only visible to your team to a contact. Use this for everything that seems relevant to know about this person.

> Tags
Tags are a great way to organize your contacts. Type in a label you want to associate with multiple contacts (e.g. Paris-based). Now when you send a briefing to agencies, you can add all contacts with a specific tag to the recipients of this briefing.

3. Click on Create
Done! Use this contact now in various places. For more on this, read Using Contacts.