Contact a client - QVSTA

Contact a client

On QVSTA, communication with clients (new & existing) is super easy. We offer a built-in chat that integrates with your emails nicely.

> Start a conversation
In jour job page, you can click on “Contact client” to start a new message.

> Message client
Chat with the client on QVSTA or call them in urgent cases with the phone number on the left. You can also email the client with the email address provided.

> Don’t spam or cross-sell
Important note: Do not send packages through the QVSTA chat. Do not try to sell other models that were not requested. In our experience, all clients react negatively to this. The chances of a booking will go down…
Also, we block users if they send packages outside the provided tools.

> Receiving messages
Clients can proactively reach out to your agents. Make sure that everyone in your agency has an account with a nice profile picture and the position field filled out (go to “Account”) so the client knows on who they’re chatting with.

> Mute notifications
If you are in a group chat or you are receiving too many e-mail notifications for new messages, you can mute individual messages. Simply click on the switch to deactivate notifications in the message page.