Become a QVSTA partner - QVSTA

Become a QVSTA partner

As an agency, you can sign up to a basic membership which allows you to create models and submit them to a clients request. To increase your reach and get more bookings, you should become a QVSTA partner.

> What is a QVSTA partner?
A QVSTA partner agency can present their models in the model search publically and receive direct booking requests on them. They will also be promoted throughout our channels. On top of that, QVSTA partners are recommended to our clients.

> How do I get more requests as a partner?
Aside from the direct requests, you can also receive briefings that you wouldn’t receive otherwise. We give clients the option to request the QVSTA partner network which allows them to request more agencies.

Additionally, your models will be highlighted on each request, increasing the chances of getting your models booked.

> What are the costs of a partnership?
QVSTA charges a 3% commission on direct requests and a 10% commission on partner briefings. No other fees. No commission when working with existing clients that select your agency as a briefing recipient.

> How do I become a partner?
Email us: – our partnerships team will be in touch with you.