Add models to a casting - QVSTA

Add models to a casting

After you created a casting, you have multiple options to add models to the casting.

> Send a briefing to agents
You can ask agents to propose models for your job and receive the proposals directly into the QVSTA casting. For more on this read how to send a briefing to agencies

> Import from package link
You can also use agency package links and import them to QVSTA. Simply select copy and paste the link to the package link field. You can preview the import before you confirm it. If you have a package link from an agency that is not supported, please get in touch with our support.

> Search for models
You can search the QVSTA talent database for suitable models. Check discover models for more info.

> Add from My Models
You can add models through your saved and custom-created models within the “My Models” section.

After you added models to a casting, you can request their availability (options) with a click on the button “Request availability”. The assigned agent within the agency of the model gets a notification and can answer to your request through QVSTA or via email.