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Introducing QVSTA Model Lists

Introducing QVSTA Model Lists

We fired up our engines for another BIG feature to enhance your castings. Now you can save models to lists and always access them for direct bookings. These model pools can be used for regular eComm bookings or simply to save your favorite models for later.

No more spreadsheets. Ever.

Up until now, working with model pools was quite a pain. Most people use spreadsheets to manage their model lists by simply adding the models’ names and comments into different columns and then emailing the corresponding agent to book a specific model for a job. On QVSTA things just got way easier and way more beautiful. Just click on “Lists” in your navigation and create a new list. Adding models to that list is easily done in the model profile. Now you can create a new casting and add models from your lists to that casting to request their availability. That’s it. Everyone in your team can access and edit the lists too.

Maximise efficiency

A model pool or model list is usually a group of agreed-upon models to book for a specific client or type of job. For example, you might have an “Adidas eCommerce F/W 19” list consisting of all the models that are relevant for the upcoming season. Then you can create castings with models from that list to request all their availabilities with just a few clicks, rather than emailing lots of agents.

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