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How to send beautiful Model Briefings to Agencies via QVSTA

How to send beautiful Model Briefings to Agencies via QVSTA

Sending complete and precise briefings and model requests to talent agencies is important to receive relevant proposals and in the end book better fitting models. Today we’re showing you how to send beautiful briefings through QVSTA. Let’s start with logging in to your QVSTA dashboard. If you don’t have an account yet, you can request access here.


1. Create Job

Click on “New Job” to start the briefing.


2. Describe Model

Define the appearance and characteristics of the model you are looking for. Optionally name the model to keep track of a briefing with multiple models. Click on “Add another Model” to do the same process for as many models as your shoot needs. In our example we are looking for a Streetstyle male model, so we use the look tags “young” and “authentic”.


3. Choose Mood Images

Based on your model description, QVSTA suggests mood images that you can simply add to your briefing by clicking on the checkbox. Mood images give a clearer expression of the style of the model you’re looking for. It makes it easier for bookers and model agents to pick suitable models in your package.


4. Describe Job

Finalize your briefing with relevant data about your job. Start by giying the job a title. This title will later be shown in your Job Dashboard. Define the location, date (can be a time frame or a single day), pay rate and buy outs. Optionally you can attach a file with further instructions or moods to the agents.


5. Send Briefing

Select the model agencies you want to work with from our database of over 400 agencies. You can also send the briefing to a custom recipient, like a specific agent or a colleague you want to CC the briefing to. Click on “Submit” to send the briefing.


Voilà! Now lean back as the agents prepare a package for you, which you can also review on QVSTA.