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How to manage your agency mailing list with QVSTA contacts

Managing contacts on QVSTA is the latest feature and it can help you a lot with how you interact with agents on a regular basis. Let’s say you have different casting briefings that you send to a different set of agents. Maybe a campaign goes to agencies all over Europe whereas a smaller social media production should only be sent to local agents.

Right now you would send individual emails or BCC a lot of agents – building a custom mailing list every time. A tedious process.

Build your own mailing lists on QVSTA

On QVSTA, you can tag each contact with your own keywords and then add all contacts with a certain tag to your list of recipients. Dynamic mailing lists made simple.

Example: Let’s assume you have 2 contacts: Lindsey and Dave. Lindsey manages male models for Commercial productions, Dave manages male fashion models. You could tag both with “Male” and tag Lindsey with “Commercial” and Dave with “Fashion”.

Now when you want to add agents for a male campaign or add agents for a commercial project only, you can simply click on the right tag underneath the contact select field in a QVSTA briefing and the tagged agents will be added.

A very simple thing but with a big impact. Image also sharing your agency contacts with someone new in your team who might not know all the people you work with. A beautiful overview helps a speedy onboarding.

Default agents for male/female bookings

One more handy thing you can do with contacts: Assign an agent as a default for female and/or male bookings. So the next time you request a male model with that agency, the default agent will get your request. Try it out.