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How to properly define Buyouts

How to properly define Buyouts

Buyouts or Content Usage describes the scope of when, where and for how long specified media that includes a model or actor can be used. Defining buyouts properly is essential for clear bookings and allows agencies to properly estimate the costs and availability of their models.

What to consider when defining buyouts?

What channel: Think about the channels you will publish the media. For example Social Media, Website, Print ads, Outdoor campaigns, TV & cinema.

Where: For IRL media take geographical usage into consideration: Germany, Europe, US, etc.

For how long: Common buyout times are 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 2 – 3 years and unlimited. Keep in mind that unlimited is going to increase your talent costs exponentially. QVSTA recommends limiting usage to a maximum of 3 years – most agencies will agree on unlimited usage on Social Media (no one wants to delete 3-year-old posts from their feed) if you explain the usage thoroughly. If you use QVSTA for your briefings, you can add a comment under your buyout and budget section to describe specific cases or upload a PDF file with detailed buyout packages.

Who uses the content: Is it your client or your own brand that will use the images? Will the images be used by other retailers, for example, in Point of Sale ads or on their third-party online shops? When clarifying buy outs share if you plan to offer image licenses to other institutions.

Defining Buyouts in QVSTA
Defining budget and usage on QVSTA


Identify your needs

To ensure you have the rights to use your images in every realistic instance, consider where, when, and for how long you plan to use the content and also what applications the content might have within the next 3 months. Maybe you want to create online ads or an animated video with your images – that can impact the contract you sign to release the image rights of the model. In general, however, do not request more than you need – you can always request to extend buyouts for a fair fee. Also, consider if you need exclusivity on the model for your brand’s product category – so no competitors are able to book the same talent during a given period of time.

How are buyout fees calculated?

Usually, the agency will offer you models for a rate that includes basic buyouts – typically for eCommerce. For larger campaigns that air on TV or have a high volume of printed copies, buyouts are separated from the model rate and will be charged as a percentage of the day rate. Check out the VELMA list for an estimate on your buyout conditions.

Always consider your content usage when budgeting for your casting – the longer you want to use the images, the more it will cost – and the opposite is also true. Think about when you use images on Instagram – within a couple of days their relevancy diminishes. A strategy employed by many brands now is producing larger amounts of content with relatively short term buy outs. If you use QVSTA for your castings, you can simply duplicate a past casting to reproduce all the specifications including buyouts, location, and budget so you are set up in no time.