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An overview of the most powerful casting ecosystem.

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Streamline Castings

Streamline Your Castings

Manage every aspect of your castings like requesting and releasing options or managing different model books.

Discover New Models

Discover New Talents

Besides casting models from your own network, find new models from over 7.000 models of 60 agencies on QVSTA.

Grow your Network

Grow Your Network

Connect with agents and colleagues. Invite people to your castings, message agents and share documents privately.



Request and receive model proposals in one place from as many agencies as you want.

Model Profile
Model Profile

Beautiful model profiles hold all information like digitals, measurments, location and previous clients.

Model Collections

Save models in custom collections to access them any time for direct bookings.

Casting Overview
Casting Overview

Past and upcoming bookings are securely stored in your overview.

Talent Search
Talent Search

Find models in a flash with the most advanced talent search. Filter for appearance, budget, location and more.


Share casting boards and lists with clients and colleagues. Settings allow you to customize what they see.


View the models’ availabilities, which are provided by the agents, instantly and without writing emails.

Custom Models
Customize Models

Create custom models or customize existing ones with your own media, notes and comments.


Comment and let others comment on models in shared lists and castings.

Casting Calendar

View all bookings in a beautiful calendar to perfectly keep track of productions.

Custom Branding

Add your logo to all lists and castings shared with clients to make a more professional impression.


Chat with your agents and colleagues for faster and more fun communication.


QVSTA is the smartest way to cast models.

  • Book models from all your agencies in one place
  • Collaborate with colleagues online
  • Save time on emails and focus on finding the best talent


QVSTA is the most beautiful way to cast models.

  • Highest quality design and fast interface
  • Everything you need intuitively integrated in your model board and the talent’s profile
  • Stay up-to-date with industry news and get inspired


QVSTA is the most reliable way to cast models.

  • QVSTA is built on powerfull Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Always view the most up-to-date model information on QVSTA
  • Transparent pricing: No hidden costs

Get even more bookings as a QVSTA Partner

Become a QVSTA Partner and get the most out of QVSTA.

More briefings from new clients

Clients can request the QVSTA partner network and we intelligently match agencies that are a good fit. Resulting in new clients for your agency.

Maximum exposure of your talents

Get more exposure to your talents and your agency on all QVSTA channels: Public model profiles, featured in talent search, Magazine and newsletter.

Advanced Analytics

Better understand your customers. See how you compare to the competition, improve your model proposals and check the model’s performance.

Clear conditions

QVSTA Partnerships are exclusive premium agency memberships, available only to the industry’s best agencies.

We charge a 10% commission on partner network briefings (after a booking), that you would not have received otherwise, and on direct bookings through our talent search.

Partnerships can be cancelled at any time.

Get in touch regarding a QVSTA Agency Partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions


What bookings can be done on QVSTA?
Any Fashion and Commercial model shoot can be done via QVSTA. Just specify your needs in a briefing or through the talent search.
How does QVSTA make money?
QVSTA is free to use for both agents and clients. We offer premium subscriptions for clients to access more functionality. QVSTA also offers premium agency partnerships to help increasing their talents bookings. We charge a 3 – 10% commission for new business only.
Does QVSTA represent models?
No, QVSTA works together exclusively with leading agencies that make their talent accessible through the QVSTA environment.
What happens with models that are represented by multiple agencies?
On QVSTA you can see which agencies are representing a model. The client is asked to choose only one of them when requesting a booking.

For Clients

How much does QVSTA cost?
QVSTA offers a free account with all the functionality to get your castings started. QVSTA for Studios offers premium features for large teams. More on QVSTA for Studios
Why not go straight to the agency?
QVSTA makes bookings easier for you and for agents while maintaining your personal relationship and contact with bookers. QVSTA allows you to grow your network by discovering more agencies and models while simplifying the bookings with agencies in your network.
What agencies are using QVSTA already?
QVSTA is designed so that any agency you request is able to easily submit models via QVSTA. You can create contacts for each of the agencies you work with. QVSTA also partners with leading agencies to make their models discoverable through QVSTA. You can find them here.
Do I get an invoice from QVSTA?
No, the booking is legally between you and the agency, so you receive the invoice by the agents.
Can QVSTA help me finding models?
Yes. If you are unsure which agencies or models to request, simply select the QVSTA agency partner network in the casting creation. We then analyse your briefing and send it to the most suitable and reliable agencies in our network.
Who can use QVSTA?
QVSTA is made for individual casting directors, freelance art buyers, photographers and large model booking teams in photo studios, brands and advertising agencies. Everyone who is casting models professionally can use QVSTA.

For Agents

I got a QVSTA briefing. What should I do?
When a client sends you a briefing through QVSTA, they expect you to submit your models with the provided link/button on the bottom of the email.
How do I submit model packages to a briefing?
You can submit your package via link (e.g. mediaslide, netwalk, CDS…), or submit directly on QVSTA through your account. Watch this video to learn more.
Do I have to pay something to QVSTA?
No, QVSTA is free to use. You can work with your existing clients without any hidden costs. Agencies can become QVSTA Partners to increase the briefings and bookings they receive. QVSTA charges 3 – 10% commission on new business brought through partner requests.
Is QVSTA GDPR compliant?
Yes. QVSTA has high data privacy standards and is GDPR compliant. Your submitted models are only visible to the specific client and you have full control over what data should be private or public.
What are QVSTA agency partnerships?
Agency partnerships are premium QVSTA memberships to help you and your talents getting more bookings, visibility and more thorough analytics. Get in touch with us to get more information.
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