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Forging A Different Path

Forging A Different Path

Pushing the boundaries of creative work beyond the mainstream trends.

In every corner of the creative world, mainstream waves are stronger than ever. The influence of Instagram to establish trends in fashion, lifestyle, and design is ever present. Fashion consumes – and creates – at such a fast pace that we sometimes lose creativity in the process. Everyone is in a go mode and creatives, in order to be acknowledged by others, must take a seat on the already packed trend bandwagon.

Too much of the same causes fatigue. But perhaps, our consumerism has awakened a quiet protest in the creative industry. Notably, in the past several years there has been a rise in smaller sized brands like ÁERON, Nanushka, aeyde and artists that drive creative innovation parallel, or perhaps as a reaction, to the overall fatigue – catching our attention in the process.


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What makes these brands and artists stand out the most are their different voices and visions: less molded by society, and more so formed by their roots, culture, and personal experiences. A perfect example of this direction is the recent Beyoncé cover of Vogue, which was shot by Tyler Mitchell. This shoot exemplified how artists have looked beyond the contemporary world of fashion – creating unique and deeply personal work. The coexistence and success of both these new and small labels with world-renowned brands can make us wonder: is there a symbiotic relationship between these two ends of the fashion spectrum?

The best and most genuine work is created when unseen – outside of the hungry, public eye – and with time to hone in on one’s individuality and creativity, without it being sabotaged by today’s one-way view. For example Eckhaus Latta, the bi-coastal American fashion brand that is recognized across the fashion, arts and entertainment industries for their artist collaborations and tactility of their designs. It builds a stronger foundation for not only new perspectives, but also artistic longevity.

So it seems that the mainstream fatigue, brought forth by the lack of diversity in the creative realm and often perceived as a negative, could potentially be exactly what drives the push towards the boundaries of creative work.
Written by Leonie Markhorst, Owner of Studio Nao Noir