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The State of eCommerce Model Booking in Germany: Market Report 2019

Fashion brands and retailers are facing the challenges of the increasing demand for new content in the form of images and videos – not only through campaigns and commercials but also on social media and on their webshop.

The different philosophies on eCommerce imagery are reaching from Zara’s campaign-like efforts on a small set of images to Zalando’s image machinery that takes huge amount of content online every day (285.000 new products each season, source: Zalando, 2017).

These changes in eCommerce content production have a huge impact on the modeling industry since the majority of model jobs today are for eCommerce. Therefore QVSTA created this market report of modeling in eCommerce to give an overview of today’s modeling industry in eCommerce in Germany.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Castings
Findings on how many model agencies and models brands work with, gender distributions and plus size bookings.
3. Model Rates
Data on average model day rates and travel fees.
4. Buyouts
Distribution of online buyouts (duration) and further channels aside of webshops.
5. Outlook
Three trends on how the industry will develop.

This market report on the state of modeling in eCommerce is the first of its kind. A data-driven look in an otherwise purely creative industry can enhance decision making in casting models. The report is especially interesting for casters, brands, model agencies, models and industry press. All data of this report (unless otherwise mentioned) is based on one year of activity of over 140 clients and 60 model agencies.

Looks and gender distribution of booked models


Buyouts in eCommerce


Key Findings

  • eCommerce photography has changed the modelling industry by increasing the volume of production while lowering the budgets for each production.
  • Models are primarily casted online.
  • Brands on average choose from 100 models per casting.
  • Three out of four models booked are female.
  • There is a large gap between demand and supply of curvy models resulting in difficulties for brands to find good talent.
  • The average eCommerce day rate of a model is 1.195 € with average travel fees of 237 €.
  • Image rights (buyouts) are purchased for 18,4 months on average with half of the brands buying 12 months and less, indicating the fast lifecycle of imagery and fashion products.
  • Most brands use the created images not only for their online shop but also for social media and online retailers.
  • 19 days go past from the start of a casting to the day of production.
  • Global fashion sales are forecasted to grow significantly until 2022, indicating further growth in eCommerce image production.