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QVSTA is built on three principles

The best talents of the leading agencies need to be in one place

Information about talents is key for a decision

Technology empowers inspiration, art and creativity

Image: Zhenya via Most Wanted Models

QVSTA values the respect for the individual, clarity in communication and love for quality. We’re building an architecture of creativity together with people on the forefront of innovation.

QVSTA Features

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QVSTA Studio Screenshot of Option Request
QVSTA Studio Screenshot of Option Request Mobile

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Select and send options for the models you would like to work with from all the packages received for a specific booking. After a booking is completed all other options are released automatically.

QVSTA Studio Screenshot of Creating a Briefing
QVSTA Studio Screenshot of Creating a Briefing Mobile
Create beautiful and precise briefings directly on QVSTA. Add a company logo to give it a personal touch. Select model criteria and choose from moods suggested by your inputs. Choose exactly which agencies to collaborate with from our database of over 400 agencies or add any bookers you already know as recipients.

QVSTA Studio Screenshot of Managing Jobs
QVSTA Studio Screenshot of Managing Jobs Mobile
View all information in the jobs dashboard. Duplicate previous jobs to speed up your work and easily contribute to colleagues open bookings. QVSTA automatically keeps track of all the states your booking goes through without repetitive manual updates.

QVSTA Studio Screenshot of one big package
QVSTA Studio Screenshot of viewing packages mobile
On QVSTA you can see all the submitted model proposals in one beautiful big board. This makes it very easy to compare models. The package will stay in your job even after you completed a booking so you can go back to past jobs to get inspired for upcoming productions.

QVSTA Studio Screenshot of Shortlists
QVSTA Studio Screenshot of Shortlists Mobile

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Shortlists allow you to access the best models quickly in one place. You can manage multiple shortlists, and request models from those pools – and even share the list with colleagues or clients.

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QVSTA Enterprise

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Are you interested in a modeling agency partnership? Get in touch: partners@qvsta.com

Diversify Bookings

Through QVSTA agency partnerships, brands have access to the largest selection of models online. Brands can identify the best model for their castings using QVSTA intelligent search.

Empower Efficiency

QVSTA allows clients to easily send consolidated briefings to agencies en masse, receive and manage model proposals, and request options, gosees, or a fresh set of polaroids — in one place.

Collaborate Digitally

QVSTA works hand-in-hand with both clients and modeling agencies. Facilitating collaboration and communication is the most powerful way to increase the quantity and quality of bookings.