About - QVSTA

QVSTA is built on three principles

The best talents of the leading agencies need to be in one place

Information about talents is key for a decision

Technology empowers inspiration, art and creativity

Image: Sasha via Cat-B Agency

QVSTA values the respect for the individual, clarity in communication and love for quality. We’re building an architecture of creativity together with people on the forefront of innovation.

Diversify Bookings

Through QVSTA agency partnerships, brands have access to the largest selection of models online. Brands can identify the best model for their castings using QVSTA intelligent search.

Empower Efficiency

QVSTA allows clients to easily send consolidated briefings to agencies en masse, receive and manage model proposals, and request options, gosees, or a fresh set of polaroids — in one place.

Collaborate Digitally

QVSTA works hand-in-hand with both clients and modeling agencies. Facilitating collaboration and communication is the most powerful way to increase the quantity and quality of bookings.

In early 2018 we founded QVSTA to work hand-in-hand with the world’s leading models and model agencies to create a digital environment for internet connected art-buyers, casting directors and the most trending talents.
The beauty of this world should be openly discoverable. Every brand, every designer and every project has a unique message. Models transport this message through their individual style and personality. That’s the foundation of QVSTA.