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QVSTA takes a new approach to options

QVSTA takes a new approach to options

With QVSTA our primary goal is to simplify the hard and stressful work of model bookers and to provide them with more room to focus on casting the right model rather than of doing admin work. QVSTA puts emphasis on creativity and efficiency.

Optioning models has always felt a little weird to us. First, second, and third options on models, always seemed unreliable. Models are optioned one day and then you lose the option the next. There are no clear industry standards leading to a lack of transparency and miscommunications between agents and clients. Time to change this.

QVSTA introduces a new, clear, and streamlined availability system that is more powerful than any option while being more intuitive and easy to use. On QVSTA, requested models can have one of the 4 statuses:

Available: The model is available to book. They are reserved for your shooting date. Similar to a first option but better. If an agency marks a model as “available” you can confirm the booking and know that the model is not available for any other client for that date.

Partly Available: You requested a model for a period of days (e.g. one week of production), however the model is only available on some of the days. Simply hover over the tag to see which days the model is available.

On Hold: The model is on hold and not ready to book. This can be for multiple reasons including clarifying budget details or buyouts or the agency needs further information about your job before they can mark the model available. If you would like to book a model who is marked “On Hold” get in touch with the agent to clarify some details of the booking.

Unavailable: The model is not available for your casting.

Easy, right? Agents can simply assign these statuses to the model when they receive a request and the client is instantly notified by email about any updates.

Here is a quick overview of what actions to take for each status:

Available Ready to confirm booking within QVSTA
Partly Available Review dates the model is available and confirm specific dates within QVSTA
On Hold More details required – contact agency
Unavailable Return to QVSTA Discovery to request a different model or duplicate your previous briefing and send to additional agencies