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QVSTA provides access to a large and diverse selection of models, by partnering with the world’s leading model agencies and making their models accessible to the global audience of internet connected art buyers and model bookers.

The digital space for talents & creatives

With QVSTA, brands create high quality briefings which are precise and beautiful. QVSTA AI generates mood images and a curated model discovery to make bookings more diverse and to allow agencies to market their talent transparently.

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Diversify Bookings

Through our agency partnerships, brands have access to the largest selection of models and we facilitate identifying the best models for their castings.

Empower Efficiency

QVSTA allows clients to easily send consolidated briefings to  model agencies en masse, receive and manage model proposals and request options, gosees, or a fresh set of polaroids.

Collaborate Digitally

QVSTA is designed to work hand-in-hand with both clients and modeling agencies. Easy collaboration and communication is the most powerful way to increase the quality of bookings.

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Quo Vista. Where to see.

QVSTA is derived from Quo Vista meaning: “Where to see”. A place where tomorrow’s image makers are discovered and booked by the most innovative clients in the fashion industry.

QVSTA is a fair and inclusive environment that facilitates collaboration and inspiration in the creative talent industry.

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